Figured, now is a good time for re-imagining. Hey all, I’m Sofia,

And this May marks the end of my first year as a UC Berkeley transfer student. It feels unreal. In finishing the semester, I sent a lot of emails that began with the phrase,

“I hope this finds you well”…

And I do really want you to be well.

However, amid this global pandemic, I’m not doing too great.

My mental health has taken a nosedive, I think a lot of people are in the same boat. And it’s important to talk about or write about.

Writing is my favorite way to process the world. Since the shelter in place order, I’ve been writing a small anthology of pandemic poems and prose. Some random works of fiction and mostly thoughts, occasional essays. And I ‘d like to share some with you here on Written with Herb. And for myself and my own sanity, I must state, this is a creative project, not an obligation (my brilliant friend taught me that).

This is a virtual place to talk about the slew of silent pandemics the virus brings, this is a place for words. This website is a living work of art and it has layers some shall never see on screen.

This is a place to heal. This is a place of love, and a place for everyone who is kind.

Let’s connect with people who need assistance and lend our support.

This moment feels like the right time to re-image what we want the world to be. I want an equitable “normal”. No more capitalistic business as usual.  Instead, together let’s raise people up. With love we may spread solidarity. I think the “new normal” ought to include caring for the planet we live on and recreating our ideals. It won’t be an online, zoom based existence, the new world will be an experience of thriving, let there be love & justice & solidarity.

Take care of yourselves,
Sofia Deva Long | Written with Herb