About The Weed Writer

Everyone is familiar with the question, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” And ever since early childhood, I’ve always said, “well, I’m a writer.” I never fancied the idea of waiting to be a grown up to do all the things I’m passionate about. As a child, I walked around with this confidence, a knowing, that I was going to publish books one day. Of course, I self published many volumes of Emma’s Adventures, in highlighter ink and wasted numerous rimes of printer paper on new stories. But as I grew up, I questioned my kid fantasy, too many  people told me to lean on a more realistic career. But oh geez, reality is so overrated.

Sure, maybe your kid fantasy didn’t stick. Do you remember the one thing you always wanted to be when you grew up? When most kids want to be a super hero or the president, it’s alright to grow out of those ideas, if you want. But it’s our cycle of society that says we can’t have more than one crazy aspiration of success and actually make it happen. Just one job, one career, that sounds boring. I’m almost 21 and I’ve owned a business, I have ran and wrote for multiple blogs and magazines, I’ve stepped into roles I never thought possible, already and I couldn’t image settling down anytime soon. Taking on big dreams and holding on to crazy ideas from childhood, do it. Just follow your heart, right?

Writing fuels my soul and it drives me forward, it’s the way I experience the world. To me, writing is not a job, although it may be a lot of  work, it’s the grind of passion that makes writing feel right for me.

It’s funny, there was a time, not too long ago, when I thought I didn’t want to be a writer, I thought I wasn’t creative. Now, I realize, I’ve always been an artist, I paint pictures with my words and I thrive, connecting with humans that inspire creativity and love.

So, I’m a writer and I smoke cannabis. I like to call myself The Weed Writer, but I’m not sure how long that will stick either, everything is evolving and changing. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Be Well,
Sofia Deva Long | The Weed Writer