Cannabis Healing Ceremony | NYE 2019

Happy New Year, Welcome 2019!
How did you celebrate?

My New Year’s Eve became a spontaneous adventure of meeting new friends and learning more mindfulness. It was the most serendipitous moment, my partner and I found ourselves invited to the first Cannabis Healing Ceremony.

The night was a ceremonious awakening, a soul and body cleanse, an intention-setting session, an evening of love and creating for my 2019.

Antonina Love, founder of Green God’s Wellness, infuses cannabis, yin yoga and mindfulness meditation, to curate intimate gatherings that transcend the typical yoga class.

Antonina illuminates the healing powers of herbs, “it [cannabis] is radical permission to be yourself.” Green God’s Wellness  is more than a mobile, herbal yoga studio, it’s a cannabis community with positive intention. Look out for The Cypher, a new yoga community for mindful meet ups and monthly global herbal ceremonies.

The evening marked the first official Cannabis Healing Ceremony, but Antonina has been pairing cannabis and yoga at spiritual events for over a year in Southern California. Her new community, The Cypher will promote monthly ceremonies, wherever Antonina is residing.

The evening was dedicated to healing and setting positive intentions for the New Year. The night was an eclectic mix of mingling, relaxing, & minding our breath. No drunkenness, just endless self love and co-creating with other human beings in the cannabis community. 

The venue, Radha Yoga LA is nestled between two alleyways. A step inside and after a short walk up white stairs, you realize the facade hides a unique space. The studio was long and skinny, but full of raw creative energy. 

Antonina meet me on my mat, she welcomed me with hugs, a sage blessing and a dosing of CBD oil, from Prime My Body. It tasted like citrus under my tongue and helped prep my body for stretching.

Joints & blunts were rolled and we shared, circle style. The cannabis came from WeedMaps, one of many local deliveries in the central Los Angeles area. 

Monique Gray, from  Canna Calm LA , co-hosted the elevated event and rolled epic joints. She introduced herself and handed me a stick of Palo Santo, a wood burnt for creative abundance and spiritual healing.

Monique is an experienced massage therapists with her own line of CBD lotions. She taught the group three key acupressure points, for optimal self massage. To add to the self massage session, alongside the mats sat CBD lotion, from TOPIKALThe smooth cream provided targeted relief and smelled heavenly when rubbed in the skin. Every aspect of the evening felt organic in flow, the group sat talking for at least a few hours.  

Antonina understands healing can take time, thus the ceremony reflected that process. We honored ourselves with a commitment of six hours. Throughout the evening, we had the opportunity to write down anything that flowed to us, intentions for the New Year or negative emotions that needed to be released for our souls. There were no judgments, everything and everyone was welcome. 

After light yin yoga and a powerful shavasana, the group ended the evening with another smoke session. Everyone felt extremely bonded, we created a true connection within our community of Southern California.

This year, I am building my tribe, I want more positive energy in my life. Events like these spark creativity in my soul and have me craving new spaces for personal connection with cannabis. I want to talk to more people about weed and develop more mindful cannabis practices for my own whole body wellness. 

Let us create what we desire in 2019. I want a tribe of cannabis friends, people who are woke, ready to be alive and happy in 2019.

What do you want to create this year? 

It can be anything,
-Sofia Deva; The Weed Writer

Elevated Yoga in San Diego

Elevated events allow us to find our place and thrive. I’m proud to be a part of the cannabis community. Ecstatic energy is felt deeply in groups of high minded humans and it’s contagious. I love connecting with people and smoking cannabis.

Recently, my partner and I attended an Elevated Yoga event. Hosted by Ganja Chica & La Casita Bonita. The dream, a baked airbnb, welcome to La Casita Bonita, San Diego’s premier bud & breakfast. 

The evening was a mix of mingling, yoga & delicious food. I was pleased with the vegetarian array. I was also very happy to see such a vibrant mix of people from the cannabis community. The space felt judgment free. An amazing cannabis event attracting a mindful crowd, not just yogis, but people who care about cannabis and togetherness.


Photos Courtesy of La Casita Bonita | SD’s Bud & Breakfast

Anna of @yog-anna enchanted the audience, she taught us to grow peace in our garden. The slow 60 minute flow brought me to a place of utter inner stillness. 

 I felt pretty blessed mid practice, when the samples from Munchie24 hit me at that perfect moment. About mid way through my flow, I was feeling more baked and bendy than ever. 

I left the event feeling warm inside, extra stretched, & super baked. Let’s have more gatherings. Thanks Elevated Yoga for elevating the community vibes.

-Sofia | The Weed Writer

Gfarma’s Cool Blue Lemonade

Cannabis is best consumed by the beach, so that’s exactly where I began my Gfarma journey this morning. At my favorite smoke spot overlooking the bright blue ocean, I sat my bong aside and cracked open my ice cold bottle of Cool Blue Lemonade. The new flavor is reminiscent of my favorite childhood blue-raspberry flavors, with a strong lemony twist and 210 mg of THC. As a self proclaimed ‘flower child,’ I love smoking herb, but when I’m not in the mood for a bong rip, my first choice is a bottle of Cool Blue.

My First Sip, “Woah, this tastes like blue lemonade!”

Immediately, I feel like I’m sipping on stoner spiked lemonade, but with an added flavor kick from a frozen ‘icee’ drink. The best part, no weed aftertaste, just a tasty drink. The new flavor comes in a 16 oz bottle, which technically serves two, but medicate to your own measure. The bottle recommends waiting an hour between doses. 😉 Sipping on about half the bottle after breakfast, I spent the morning in a stoney state, (the best way to start the morning.)

Monday’s can be crazy busy and my bottle of Cool Blue Lemonade eases me into my week, slowing things down blu’e’-tifully.  Drinking my morning medicine is a delightful way to begin my busy week. All day long I felt happy and ready to accomplish my day of college classes and work. 

Later on, I finished the rest of the bottle while watching movies with a girl friend. The second serving of the bottle hit me a little harder than the first, most likely because it built upon bedtime bowl.  Getting baked and watching movies is my perfect evening. And my late night sips helped me sleep like a baby. I think that just goes to show how versatile one bottle of Gfarma lemonade can be, I felt productive and ready for the day earlier and then at night totally ready for bed, I love that. Cool Blue Lemonade makes medicating simple and delicious, now go find a bottle near you!

Stay lifted my friends,

Sofia D. Long
@The Weed Writer

Is Your City Stoned?

Southern California is paradise to many different types of people, surfers, business women, and stoners alike. I feel privileged living in such a beautiful place, I can smoke the dankest bud, by the prettiest ocean and relax at a slow pace. Living in Encinitas, I’m almost convinced everyone smokes pot, it’s a beach community, but there’s also this elusive ganja vibe here.

Bong by the Cardiff sunset

When I say ganja vibe, I’m referencing a feeling. There seems to be a sense of acceptance and appreciation for the plant  here, less aversion, and more openness to smoking publicly.  Anywhere I go in Encinitas I catch glimpses of cannabis users. On the Coast Highway I’ve watched a motorcyclist pack a pipe at a stop light and a couple pass a pre-roll on a sunset walk. And at Moonlight Beach, a bonfire isn’t complete without the faint scent of herb cascading through the salty air. People are chill in Encinitas, that’s the best way I can describe it. A stoner’s paradise might as well be Swami’s beach, but at the same time the environment doesn’t stop being family friendly or home to several impromptu acro-yoga sessions, everyday. People boldly enjoy their herb in Encinitas, is your city stoned?

I’m working my way around North County, then beyond, if you want me to visit your city for a local sesh contact me!

Go smoke outside today!
-Sofia, The Weed Writer

Writing with Weed

“Connected to the present moment, my mind becomes unhindered & I can take a deep breath, effortlessly.” -SDL

That’s how I feel after I allow cannabis to help me manage my anxiety. Smoking weed is an act of self care, a means to soothe worry and help me eat a full meal. My name is Sofia and I smoke weed. Curating exceptional cannabis products, showcasing the healing effects of marijuana and breaking down the stigmas surrounding stoners is my current aspiration. This is my space to start more positive conversations about the cannabis community, while putting a creative spin on smoking pot and going to college.

The Written with Herb journey began in a hotel room, not too far from the Santa Monica pier. My friends and I drove up to Santa Monica for a ganja girls weekend. We stopped by a few dispensaries,  I found a bottle of G Farma Labs Pink Lemonade to fuel my evening. The entire night I could feel an idea brewing, my creativity was abundantly flowing.  Back at the hotel room I snatched the complimentary paper pad and started writing notes with a fiery passion. The entire drive back to San Diego I gabbed to my girlfriends about blog ideas and how I want to bring an educated community of positively medicated people together. This platform is a space to record my cannabis  journey, educate the modern consumer and showcase the products I personally use and support. Join me in my journey to medicate mindfully, while enhancing the whole world with the power of weed.

Stay lifted my friends,
-Sofia, The Weed Writer