Loving You Always, Anna.

This is a moment to pause and remember Anna Gardiner-Feldman. She will always grace us with her fierce energy and love.

You are in my thoughts. And I feel your energy in the moon. You will be missed Anna.

In loving memory, 
Anna Gardiner-Feldman



xo – forever & always




2 Replies to “Loving You Always, Anna.”

  1. Today I miss you again Anna in the mountains of Sedona. I see the light in the clouds changing from dark to light and I feel your presence. I feel you loving us all with your incredible passion and curiosity for the moment. Loving you always,
    Jacqueline ( your mom always)

    1. anna, i still write you letters. and today i felt you join me, basking in the sunshine, drinking tea and listening to my housemate play guitar. your energy is always everywhere and i still miss you. coming here reminds me of you. And seeing your poetry Jacqueline, makes me feel close to her. Sending you both love, to every corner of the universe. xo -sofia

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