Cannabis Writing Club

Just a creative writing
club, with cannabis.

Relax into your own creativity, enhance your flow, & enjoy the company of a cannabis friendly tribe. If you’re a seasoned writer, student, or simply curious about writing creative works, this is the space for you. My name is Sofia and I’m a college student and medical cannabis patient. I’ve been exploring the combo of writing with cannabis for several years, it’s been a trying process, but also a magical journey. I find cannabis bubbles up new and funky ideas, while fostering my creative vibes. For some, cannabis aids the writing process, for others it’s a tool to loosen up and let life flow to the page.  How ever you want to consume, no judgement here. Let us experiment together and join forces for creative goodness.

Cannabis Writing Club respects all types of cannabis consumption and creative endeavors, it’s pretty simple. A safe space to write, gather feedback, and share stories, with your cannabis community. We will meet at local coffee shops around North County & San Diego proper, please watch Instagram for event dates and locations. Want to host a sesh at a private location, contact me! 


Let’s write more,
Sofia Deva | The Weed Writer

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