San Diego Cannabis Job Fair & Mixer

The cannabis community knows how to start the year off right, how about a new job?

Last Saturday, January 5th, my crew and I headed down town for a super rad event, the SD Cannabis Job Fair and Business Mixer. Hosted by the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market, the free event brought businesses and future employees together. Average Hilton Mission Valley guests were confused, the line leading out the lobby was cast full of eclectic folks associated with or wanting to a part of the cannabis industry. The fair hosted everyone interested in finding their place in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

I wandered about, observing and meeting new friends. I also got to meet up with some babes I haven’t seen ages.

And that’s why community events are so rad.
I love meeting other people excited about weed.
It was pretty magical, the giant space, packed to
the brim with people inspired to make a difference,
or new cannabis connections. Opportunity was everywhere.

I connected personally with a few folks that really made my day. I ventured outside first, to calm my nerves, crowds can be slightly overwhelming. Thankfully, I met James, founder at My Mum’s Nuts. His soothing voice calmed my anxiety, while he explained the magic of his coconut oil CBD.

Medicated Magic Rub, amazing!

Targeted pain relief, sign me up! Most of his CBD rubs are edible, so when you’re not rubbing it on, you can make calm-down cookies. James sent me home with a lemon rub, it obliterated my period cramps and made my entire room smell like fresh lemon oil. Like any topical, it works best with continued, regular application. 

I also got the chance to chat with Isac and Armando from Axis CBD, they seriously upped my CBD knowledge. They sent me home with a Hemp Roll, made from premium CBD Hemp Flower, that tests under .3% Delta -9 THC.  Armando explained that this testing is extremely important, for a non psychoactive effect while smoking CBD flower. Axis CBD partners with RAW Rolling papers to produce their Hemp Rolls, but the company also offers a variety of CBD only products, including gummy bears and CBD isolate drinks.

Sofia & Spencer smoke CBD

I’ve never smoked a Hemp Roll before, but wow, everyone should try one!
What a clear headed smoke, the first few puffs brought me clarity and my body began to feel extremely relaxed. I split the Hemp Roll with my partner Spencer, were not big joint smokers, but sharing the Hemp Roll was a lovely change of pace that made me feel close to him. I would recommend the Hemp Roll for anyone who loves CBD and for folks looking to smoke a bunch of flower, without getting too “baked.” CBD Axis, thanks for the hook up.

‘Make Cannabis Safe Again’  #notmypresident

Just before leaving, the business fair, I swung by the CannaSafe booth, a cannabis testing company, making weed consumption safer for everyone.

Coolest part of the booth and possibly the best score of the day… this hat! “Make Cannabis Great Again” … I love wearing it around town, I get so many laughs. 

The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market did a great job this past weekend and I want more events like this to happen more often, the cannabis community needs more spaces to come together. Thank you to everyone who attended and all the vendors.

SD Cannabis Farmers Market made the day great for our community, thank you. Oh, did I mention Danky Donuts made dank donut holes? They’ll bring medicated icing to your next party! All in all, fabulous day. Happy Weekend! 

Do what you love,
-Sofia Deva Long | The Weed Writer



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