Cannabis Writing Club

Just a creative writing
club, with cannabis.

Relax into your own creativity, enhance your flow, & enjoy the company of a cannabis friendly tribe. If you’re a seasoned writer, student, or simply curious about writing creative works, this is the space for you. My name is Sofia and I’m a college student and medical cannabis patient. I’ve been exploring the combo of writing with cannabis for several years, it’s been a trying process, but also a magical journey. I find cannabis bubbles up new and funky ideas, while fostering my creative vibes. For some, cannabis aids the writing process, for others it’s a tool to loosen up and let life flow to the page.  How ever you want to consume, no judgement here. Let us experiment together and join forces for creative goodness.

Cannabis Writing Club respects all types of cannabis consumption and creative endeavors, it’s pretty simple. A safe space to write, gather feedback, and share stories, with your cannabis community. We will meet at local coffee shops around North County & San Diego proper, please watch Instagram for event dates and locations. Want to host a sesh at a private location, contact me! 


Let’s write more,
Sofia Deva | The Weed Writer

San Diego Cannabis Job Fair & Mixer

The cannabis community knows how to start the year off right, how about a new job?

Last Saturday, January 5th, my crew and I headed down town for a super rad event, the SD Cannabis Job Fair and Business Mixer. Hosted by the San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market, the free event brought businesses and future employees together. Average Hilton Mission Valley guests were confused, the line leading out the lobby was cast full of eclectic folks associated with or wanting to a part of the cannabis industry. The fair hosted everyone interested in finding their place in the rapidly growing cannabis market.

I wandered about, observing and meeting new friends. I also got to meet up with some babes I haven’t seen ages.

And that’s why community events are so rad.
I love meeting other people excited about weed.
It was pretty magical, the giant space, packed to
the brim with people inspired to make a difference,
or new cannabis connections. Opportunity was everywhere.

I connected personally with a few folks that really made my day. I ventured outside first, to calm my nerves, crowds can be slightly overwhelming. Thankfully, I met James, founder at My Mum’s Nuts. His soothing voice calmed my anxiety, while he explained the magic of his coconut oil CBD.

Medicated Magic Rub, amazing!

Targeted pain relief, sign me up! Most of his CBD rubs are edible, so when you’re not rubbing it on, you can make calm-down cookies. James sent me home with a lemon rub, it obliterated my period cramps and made my entire room smell like fresh lemon oil. Like any topical, it works best with continued, regular application. 

I also got the chance to chat with Isac and Armando from Axis CBD, they seriously upped my CBD knowledge. They sent me home with a Hemp Roll, made from premium CBD Hemp Flower, that tests under .3% Delta -9 THC.  Armando explained that this testing is extremely important, for a non psychoactive effect while smoking CBD flower. Axis CBD partners with RAW Rolling papers to produce their Hemp Rolls, but the company also offers a variety of CBD only products, including gummy bears and CBD isolate drinks.

Sofia & Spencer smoke CBD

I’ve never smoked a Hemp Roll before, but wow, everyone should try one!
What a clear headed smoke, the first few puffs brought me clarity and my body began to feel extremely relaxed. I split the Hemp Roll with my partner Spencer, were not big joint smokers, but sharing the Hemp Roll was a lovely change of pace that made me feel close to him. I would recommend the Hemp Roll for anyone who loves CBD and for folks looking to smoke a bunch of flower, without getting too “baked.” CBD Axis, thanks for the hook up.

‘Make Cannabis Safe Again’  #notmypresident

Just before leaving, the business fair, I swung by the CannaSafe booth, a cannabis testing company, making weed consumption safer for everyone.

Coolest part of the booth and possibly the best score of the day… this hat! “Make Cannabis Great Again” … I love wearing it around town, I get so many laughs. 

The San Diego Cannabis Farmers Market did a great job this past weekend and I want more events like this to happen more often, the cannabis community needs more spaces to come together. Thank you to everyone who attended and all the vendors.

SD Cannabis Farmers Market made the day great for our community, thank you. Oh, did I mention Danky Donuts made dank donut holes? They’ll bring medicated icing to your next party! All in all, fabulous day. Happy Weekend! 

Do what you love,
-Sofia Deva Long | The Weed Writer



Cannabis Healing Ceremony | NYE 2019

Happy New Year, Welcome 2019!
How did you celebrate?

My New Year’s Eve became a spontaneous adventure of meeting new friends and learning more mindfulness. It was the most serendipitous moment, my partner and I found ourselves invited to the first Cannabis Healing Ceremony.

The night was a ceremonious awakening, a soul and body cleanse, an intention-setting session, an evening of love and creating for my 2019.

Antonina Love, founder of Green God’s Wellness, infuses cannabis, yin yoga and mindfulness meditation, to curate intimate gatherings that transcend the typical yoga class.

Antonina illuminates the healing powers of herbs, “it [cannabis] is radical permission to be yourself.” Green God’s Wellness  is more than a mobile, herbal yoga studio, it’s a cannabis community with positive intention. Look out for The Cypher, a new yoga community for mindful meet ups and monthly global herbal ceremonies.

The evening marked the first official Cannabis Healing Ceremony, but Antonina has been pairing cannabis and yoga at spiritual events for over a year in Southern California. Her new community, The Cypher will promote monthly ceremonies, wherever Antonina is residing.

The evening was dedicated to healing and setting positive intentions for the New Year. The night was an eclectic mix of mingling, relaxing, & minding our breath. No drunkenness, just endless self love and co-creating with other human beings in the cannabis community. 

The venue, Radha Yoga LA is nestled between two alleyways. A step inside and after a short walk up white stairs, you realize the facade hides a unique space. The studio was long and skinny, but full of raw creative energy. 

Antonina meet me on my mat, she welcomed me with hugs, a sage blessing and a dosing of CBD oil, from Prime My Body. It tasted like citrus under my tongue and helped prep my body for stretching.

Joints & blunts were rolled and we shared, circle style. The cannabis came from WeedMaps, one of many local deliveries in the central Los Angeles area. 

Monique Gray, from  Canna Calm LA , co-hosted the elevated event and rolled epic joints. She introduced herself and handed me a stick of Palo Santo, a wood burnt for creative abundance and spiritual healing.

Monique is an experienced massage therapists with her own line of CBD lotions. She taught the group three key acupressure points, for optimal self massage. To add to the self massage session, alongside the mats sat CBD lotion, from TOPIKALThe smooth cream provided targeted relief and smelled heavenly when rubbed in the skin. Every aspect of the evening felt organic in flow, the group sat talking for at least a few hours.  

Antonina understands healing can take time, thus the ceremony reflected that process. We honored ourselves with a commitment of six hours. Throughout the evening, we had the opportunity to write down anything that flowed to us, intentions for the New Year or negative emotions that needed to be released for our souls. There were no judgments, everything and everyone was welcome. 

After light yin yoga and a powerful shavasana, the group ended the evening with another smoke session. Everyone felt extremely bonded, we created a true connection within our community of Southern California.

This year, I am building my tribe, I want more positive energy in my life. Events like these spark creativity in my soul and have me craving new spaces for personal connection with cannabis. I want to talk to more people about weed and develop more mindful cannabis practices for my own whole body wellness. 

Let us create what we desire in 2019. I want a tribe of cannabis friends, people who are woke, ready to be alive and happy in 2019.

What do you want to create this year? 

It can be anything,
-Sofia Deva; The Weed Writer