Impromptu Herbal Photo Shoot

Impromptu beach shoot with my lovely Cat from South Cal Photography // Love to a few of my favorite brands, Weedmaps X Van’s





















Sofia | The Weed Writer

Elevated Yoga in San Diego

Elevated events allow us to find our place and thrive. I’m proud to be a part of the cannabis community. Ecstatic energy is felt deeply in groups of high minded humans and it’s contagious. I love connecting with people and smoking cannabis.

Recently, my partner and I attended an Elevated Yoga event. Hosted by Ganja Chica & La Casita Bonita. The dream, a baked airbnb, welcome to La Casita Bonita, San Diego’s premier bud & breakfast. 

The evening was a mix of mingling, yoga & delicious food. I was pleased with the vegetarian array. I was also very happy to see such a vibrant mix of people from the cannabis community. The space felt judgment free. An amazing cannabis event attracting a mindful crowd, not just yogis, but people who care about cannabis and togetherness.


Photos Courtesy of La Casita Bonita | SD’s Bud & Breakfast

Anna of @yog-anna enchanted the audience, she taught us to grow peace in our garden. The slow 60 minute flow brought me to a place of utter inner stillness. 

 I felt pretty blessed mid practice, when the samples from Munchie24 hit me at that perfect moment. About mid way through my flow, I was feeling more baked and bendy than ever. 

I left the event feeling warm inside, extra stretched, & super baked. Let’s have more gatherings. Thanks Elevated Yoga for elevating the community vibes.

-Sofia | The Weed Writer