Cannabis Community Building

Art making is my favorite form of procrastination, I’ve been painting lately.  And I’ve come to realize, maybe procrastinating isn’t that bad, what if it fuels the creative juices? I think every subject could stand to include a little creativity. I’m grateful for my selection of artsy humanitarian courses this semester. Each course incorporates the arts in some form. Classes are great, but they’re keeping me busy.  It’s a good busy, but I miss being actively involved in the cannabis community.

I want to experiment with a few new ideas for Written With Herb.

Lately, social media has put a sour taste in my mouth, I think real human connection is powerful and it makes everyone feel good.  I want to meet more people in the streets and share flower.  So, let’s breakdown the digital walls and get together. Take herb to beach and sesh in the park. Let’s have a barbecue, we’ll bring bongs instead of beer.  Know any spaces for casual smoking and gathering with rad folks?  I want to see your faces and shake your hands, let’s split a joint my friends.

Let’s hang out,
Sofia, The Weed Writer

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