The Modern Munchies

Avocados in their own right are pretty amazing, but eating avocados (on toast), while you’re toasty, is next level tasty. Not all strains induce hungry for the ultimate snack, but purple punch sure does it for me. What strains have you gravitating towards the kitchen?

Today I opted for avocados, strawberries and chocolate; weird, I know, but I’m trying to move away from the concept of ‘munchies’ as just being junk. Most people hear the term munchies and still think, ‘stoner stereotype,’ binge eating chips on the couch, for me the munchies are much more. Smoking herb helps me sustain my appetite, also phrased, I like getting the munchies, before I chow down.  

On that health note, listening to my body has been my main ‘self’ mission, so what makes me feel good, is what I try to snack on. Lots of veggies and fruits, but also pasta, goods mac n’ cheese, with a crumble crispy top. 

Lately, I’ve been enjoying avocado toast at restaurants, just for fun. Few places prepare it better than I do, on well done sourdough bread, with extra pepper. But I did try a caprese style avo toast, that was amazing.

GOODONYA® – Encinitas

Eating healthy has been challenging since school started, so easy recipes are my favorite & I can most definitely replicate this one at home. Look how yummy this looks, it tasted pretty good too! 

We all love potato chips, but when it comes to healthier munching, what makes you feel really good? Share your recipes and favorite baked dishes in the comments.  My favorite recipe posted below gets an Instagram story shout out, so get creative & challenge the taste buds.



Excited to try your recipes,
-Sofia, The Weed Writer