Science Driven Cannabis? Try Chemistry.

At the mall someone got my attention once by yelling out, “hey fellow hippie.” I’ve been a self-proclaimed ‘flower child’ since I started consuming cannabis. However, I’ve recently received a beautiful re-introduction to extracts and tinctures. 

TryChemistry sent me a DM just before the holidays. And within a few days, a little white box arrived from Oakland and I became obsessed with crystalline. Chemistry is the hip, full-spectrum extract company, staying true to the plant. The company works hard to produce extracts that retain original strain flavor and effect. The unique extraction process utilizes low-toxicity liquid solvents, in a closed-looped system, to isolate, filter and refine full-spectrum cannabis oil.  Safe & science driven cannabis, shouldn’t it all be this way? 

On top of flavorful crystalline, Chemistry also produces cannabis oil vape cartridges & a CBD tincture.

Chemistry’s ultimate starter pack includes a battery base, charger and a Tangerine Power cartridge, a strong sativa that gets your morning started strong, but overly stoney. 

The Chemistry crew read my mind, sending mostly indica dominant hybrids, truly a well rounded mix of cartridges for my medication needs. Dark Side of the Moon tops my favorites list, becoming the new go-to. The indica cart packs a punch, providing a sedative body high, with serious relaxation feels for the mind too.

The more relaxed the better and in that spirit, I’ve been adding CBD into my daily medicating routine. The non-psychoactive supplement helps me manage my chronic wrist pain and general stress. AC/DC is the first High CBD tincture released by the company, with a 14:6:1|CBD:CBDa:THC ratio. The flavor profile is phenomenal. While the coconut oil helps, its the extraction process that is unique. “High CBD is a full-spectrum extract, not just isolated CBD compounded with THC.” And if you like herb, you’ll enjoy taste, so don’t be afraid to get all over your tongue. Typically, I drop a dose or two under my tongue in the morning and/or before any meditation/yoga sessions. The Chemistry team goes out of their way to maintain CBDa in their tincture as well, which they believe adds to the medicinal benefits.  

The Oakland based company is Staying True to the Plant, giving the marijuana community safe, uniquely science driven cannabis extracts. Luckily, this experience gave me the opportunity to use my rig and fall in love with dabs, organic ones anyway. 

Stay Lifted,
Sofia Deva Long
-The Weed Writer

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