Holiday Giving

This year I’ve decide to stop stressing over the ‘right gift’, instead I’m focusing on giving love this holiday season.  I get it, everyone enjoys a present now and again, but why do we need to spend so much money and energy, when we could be giving experiences, or gifts that specifically enhance what we love most.  I’m making personalized batches of cookies for my friends and family this year, maybe with a little herb butter, we’ll see. I’ve had requests for vegan chocolate chip and sugar cookies so far, I’m excited to bake (while baked) and give love via Christmas cookies.

However, for those of you who enjoy giving ‘the perfect gift,’ here are my top 3 choices, guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who enjoys smoking herb, yoga, or relaxing, so almost everyone, right?

1. Shoot The Moon Yoga Workshop: An Elevated Experience

Yogi pro, or novice, you’ll enjoy this stoney yoga session. Lead by two leading ladies, Ivette & Phoebe, experience yoga while sampling boutique cannabis from BloomField Co. With the next session just after Christmas, on December 30th, it’s the perfect occasion for unwinding after family time. Consume or don’t, everyone is welcome. Tickets are affordable and everyone in attendance gets a dank goodie bag. Tickets here.

2. CannaGold Infused Bath Bombs 

THC infused bath bombs make a stellar gift, ranging in THC content each bath bomb features essential oils and herbs that help you relax.  My favorite is Sweet Dreams, with 500 mg of THC, I felt deeply relaxed after my luxury CannaGold bath. Best night sleep ever and my skin feels amazing! 

3. Just The Greens Ash Tray
The ultimate ash tray for your bowl piece. Often mistaken as art, these hand made pieces beautifully ash your glass for the next use. Catching all your ash in one convenient spot, until you’re ready to dispose of it. I love mine, it makes the experience of smoking easier and cleaner.

I encourage everyone to find little ways to give more love this holiday season.  Holding a door, buying the person behind you a coffee, or stuffing a stocking with an infused bath bomb, it’s all up to you, just do it with love.

Happy Holidays!
The Weed Writer

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