Is Your City Stoned?

Southern California is paradise to many different types of people, surfers, business women, and stoners alike. I feel privileged living in such a beautiful place, I can smoke the dankest bud, by the prettiest ocean and relax at a slow pace. Living in Encinitas, I’m almost convinced everyone smokes pot, it’s a beach community, but there’s also this elusive ganja vibe here.

Bong by the Cardiff sunset

When I say ganja vibe, I’m referencing a feeling. There seems to be a sense of acceptance and appreciation for the plant  here, less aversion, and more openness to smoking publicly.  Anywhere I go in Encinitas I catch glimpses of cannabis users. On the Coast Highway I’ve watched a motorcyclist pack a pipe at a stop light and a couple pass a pre-roll on a sunset walk. And at Moonlight Beach, a bonfire isn’t complete without the faint scent of herb cascading through the salty air. People are chill in Encinitas, that’s the best way I can describe it. A stoner’s paradise might as well be Swami’s beach, but at the same time the environment doesn’t stop being family friendly or home to several impromptu acro-yoga sessions, everyday. People boldly enjoy their herb in Encinitas, is your city stoned?

I’m working my way around North County, then beyond, if you want me to visit your city for a local sesh contact me!

Go smoke outside today!
-Sofia, The Weed Writer

Writing with Weed

“Connected to the present moment, my mind becomes unhindered & I can take a deep breath, effortlessly.” -SDL

That’s how I feel after I allow cannabis to help me manage my anxiety. Smoking weed is an act of self care, a means to soothe worry and help me eat a full meal. My name is Sofia and I smoke weed. Curating exceptional cannabis products, showcasing the healing effects of marijuana and breaking down the stigmas surrounding stoners is my current aspiration. This is my space to start more positive conversations about the cannabis community, while putting a creative spin on smoking pot and going to college.

The Written with Herb journey began in a hotel room, not too far from the Santa Monica pier. My friends and I drove up to Santa Monica for a ganja girls weekend. We stopped by a few dispensaries,  I found a bottle of G Farma Labs Pink Lemonade to fuel my evening. The entire night I could feel an idea brewing, my creativity was abundantly flowing.  Back at the hotel room I snatched the complimentary paper pad and started writing notes with a fiery passion. The entire drive back to San Diego I gabbed to my girlfriends about blog ideas and how I want to bring an educated community of positively medicated people together. This platform is a space to record my cannabis  journey, educate the modern consumer and showcase the products I personally use and support. Join me in my journey to medicate mindfully, while enhancing the whole world with the power of weed.

Stay lifted my friends,
-Sofia, The Weed Writer