Loving You Always, Anna.

This is a moment to pause and remember Anna Gardiner-Feldman. She will always grace us with her fierce energy and love.

You are in my thoughts. And I feel your energy in the moon. You will be missed Anna.

In loving memory, 
Anna Gardiner-Feldman



xo – forever & always




Cannabis Healing Ceremony | NYE 2019

Happy New Year, Welcome 2019!
How did you celebrate?

My New Year’s Eve became a spontaneous adventure of meeting new friends and learning more mindfulness. It was the most serendipitous moment, my partner and I found ourselves invited to the first Cannabis Healing Ceremony.

The night was a ceremonious awakening, a soul and body cleanse, an intention-setting session, an evening of love and creating for my 2019.

Antonina Love, founder of Green God’s Wellness, infuses cannabis, yin yoga and mindfulness meditation, to curate intimate gatherings that transcend the typical yoga class.

Antonina illuminates the healing powers of herbs, “it [cannabis] is radical permission to be yourself.” Green God’s Wellness  is more than a mobile, herbal yoga studio, it’s a cannabis community with positive intention. Look out for The Cypher, a new yoga community for mindful meet ups and monthly global herbal ceremonies.

The evening marked the first official Cannabis Healing Ceremony, but Antonina has been pairing cannabis and yoga at spiritual events for over a year in Southern California. Her new community, The Cypher will promote monthly ceremonies, wherever Antonina is residing.

The evening was dedicated to healing and setting positive intentions for the New Year. The night was an eclectic mix of mingling, relaxing, & minding our breath. No drunkenness, just endless self love and co-creating with other human beings in the cannabis community. 

The venue, Radha Yoga LA is nestled between two alleyways. A step inside and after a short walk up white stairs, you realize the facade hides a unique space. The studio was long and skinny, but full of raw creative energy. 

Antonina meet me on my mat, she welcomed me with hugs, a sage blessing and a dosing of CBD oil, from Prime My Body. It tasted like citrus under my tongue and helped prep my body for stretching.

Joints & blunts were rolled and we shared, circle style. The cannabis came from WeedMaps, one of many local deliveries in the central Los Angeles area. 

Monique Gray, from  Canna Calm LA , co-hosted the elevated event and rolled epic joints. She introduced herself and handed me a stick of Palo Santo, a wood burnt for creative abundance and spiritual healing.

Monique is an experienced massage therapists with her own line of CBD lotions. She taught the group three key acupressure points, for optimal self massage. To add to the self massage session, alongside the mats sat CBD lotion, from TOPIKALThe smooth cream provided targeted relief and smelled heavenly when rubbed in the skin. Every aspect of the evening felt organic in flow, the group sat talking for at least a few hours.  

Antonina understands healing can take time, thus the ceremony reflected that process. We honored ourselves with a commitment of six hours. Throughout the evening, we had the opportunity to write down anything that flowed to us, intentions for the New Year or negative emotions that needed to be released for our souls. There were no judgments, everything and everyone was welcome. 

After light yin yoga and a powerful shavasana, the group ended the evening with another smoke session. Everyone felt extremely bonded, we created a true connection within our community of Southern California.

This year, I am building my tribe, I want more positive energy in my life. Events like these spark creativity in my soul and have me craving new spaces for personal connection with cannabis. I want to talk to more people about weed and develop more mindful cannabis practices for my own whole body wellness. 

Let us create what we desire in 2019. I want a tribe of cannabis friends, people who are woke, ready to be alive and happy in 2019.

What do you want to create this year? 

It can be anything,
-Sofia Deva; The Weed Writer

Impromptu Herbal Photo Shoot

Impromptu beach shoot with my lovely Cat from South Cal Photography // Love to a few of my favorite brands, Weedmaps X Van’s





















Sofia | The Weed Writer

Elevated Yoga in San Diego

Elevated events allow us to find our place and thrive. I’m proud to be a part of the cannabis community. Ecstatic energy is felt deeply in groups of high minded humans and it’s contagious. I love connecting with people and smoking cannabis.

Recently, my partner and I attended an Elevated Yoga event. Hosted by Ganja Chica & La Casita Bonita. The dream, a baked airbnb, welcome to La Casita Bonita, San Diego’s premier bud & breakfast. 

The evening was a mix of mingling, yoga & delicious food. I was pleased with the vegetarian array. I was also very happy to see such a vibrant mix of people from the cannabis community. The space felt judgment free. An amazing cannabis event attracting a mindful crowd, not just yogis, but people who care about cannabis and togetherness.


Photos Courtesy of La Casita Bonita | SD’s Bud & Breakfast

Anna of @yog-anna enchanted the audience, she taught us to grow peace in our garden. The slow 60 minute flow brought me to a place of utter inner stillness. 

 I felt pretty blessed mid practice, when the samples from Munchie24 hit me at that perfect moment. About mid way through my flow, I was feeling more baked and bendy than ever. 

I left the event feeling warm inside, extra stretched, & super baked. Let’s have more gatherings. Thanks Elevated Yoga for elevating the community vibes.

-Sofia | The Weed Writer

Cannabis Community Building

Art making is my favorite form of procrastination, I’ve been painting lately.  And I’ve come to realize, maybe procrastinating isn’t that bad, what if it fuels the creative juices? I think every subject could stand to include a little creativity. I’m grateful for my selection of artsy humanitarian courses this semester. Each course incorporates the arts in some form. Classes are great, but they’re keeping me busy.  It’s a good busy, but I miss being actively involved in the cannabis community.

I want to experiment with a few new ideas for Written With Herb.

Lately, social media has put a sour taste in my mouth, I think real human connection is powerful and it makes everyone feel good.  I want to meet more people in the streets and share flower.  So, let’s breakdown the digital walls and get together. Take herb to beach and sesh in the park. Let’s have a barbecue, we’ll bring bongs instead of beer.  Know any spaces for casual smoking and gathering with rad folks?  I want to see your faces and shake your hands, let’s split a joint my friends.

Let’s hang out,
Sofia, The Weed Writer

The Modern Munchies

Avocados in their own right are pretty amazing, but eating avocados (on toast), while you’re toasty, is next level tasty. Not all strains induce hungry for the ultimate snack, but purple punch sure does it for me. What strains have you gravitating towards the kitchen?

Today I opted for avocados, strawberries and chocolate; weird, I know, but I’m trying to move away from the concept of ‘munchies’ as just being junk. Most people hear the term munchies and still think, ‘stoner stereotype,’ binge eating chips on the couch, for me the munchies are much more. Smoking herb helps me sustain my appetite, also phrased, I like getting the munchies, before I chow down.  

On that health note, listening to my body has been my main ‘self’ mission, so what makes me feel good, is what I try to snack on. Lots of veggies and fruits, but also pasta, goods mac n’ cheese, with a crumble crispy top. 

Lately, I’ve been enjoying avocado toast at restaurants, just for fun. Few places prepare it better than I do, on well done sourdough bread, with extra pepper. But I did try a caprese style avo toast, that was amazing.

GOODONYA® – Encinitas

Eating healthy has been challenging since school started, so easy recipes are my favorite & I can most definitely replicate this one at home. Look how yummy this looks, it tasted pretty good too! 

We all love potato chips, but when it comes to healthier munching, what makes you feel really good? Share your recipes and favorite baked dishes in the comments.  My favorite recipe posted below gets an Instagram story shout out, so get creative & challenge the taste buds.



Excited to try your recipes,
-Sofia, The Weed Writer 


Science Driven Cannabis? Try Chemistry.

At the mall someone got my attention once by yelling out, “hey fellow hippie.” I’ve been a self-proclaimed ‘flower child’ since I started consuming cannabis. However, I’ve recently received a beautiful re-introduction to extracts and tinctures. 

TryChemistry sent me a DM just before the holidays. And within a few days, a little white box arrived from Oakland and I became obsessed with crystalline. Chemistry is the hip, full-spectrum extract company, staying true to the plant. The company works hard to produce extracts that retain original strain flavor and effect. The unique extraction process utilizes low-toxicity liquid solvents, in a closed-looped system, to isolate, filter and refine full-spectrum cannabis oil.  Safe & science driven cannabis, shouldn’t it all be this way? 

On top of flavorful crystalline, Chemistry also produces cannabis oil vape cartridges & a CBD tincture.

Chemistry’s ultimate starter pack includes a battery base, charger and a Tangerine Power cartridge, a strong sativa that gets your morning started strong, but overly stoney. 

The Chemistry crew read my mind, sending mostly indica dominant hybrids, truly a well rounded mix of cartridges for my medication needs. Dark Side of the Moon tops my favorites list, becoming the new go-to. The indica cart packs a punch, providing a sedative body high, with serious relaxation feels for the mind too.

The more relaxed the better and in that spirit, I’ve been adding CBD into my daily medicating routine. The non-psychoactive supplement helps me manage my chronic wrist pain and general stress. AC/DC is the first High CBD tincture released by the company, with a 14:6:1|CBD:CBDa:THC ratio. The flavor profile is phenomenal. While the coconut oil helps, its the extraction process that is unique. “High CBD is a full-spectrum extract, not just isolated CBD compounded with THC.” And if you like herb, you’ll enjoy taste, so don’t be afraid to get all over your tongue. Typically, I drop a dose or two under my tongue in the morning and/or before any meditation/yoga sessions. The Chemistry team goes out of their way to maintain CBDa in their tincture as well, which they believe adds to the medicinal benefits.  

The Oakland based company is Staying True to the Plant, giving the marijuana community safe, uniquely science driven cannabis extracts. Luckily, this experience gave me the opportunity to use my rig and fall in love with dabs, organic ones anyway. 

Stay Lifted,
Sofia Deva Long
-The Weed Writer

Shoot The Moon Yoga

Calling all seekers of sensational experiences,  have you tried combining yoga, cannabis, & consciousness yet?  Anyone can get baked and go to a yoga class, but an elevated yoga workshop is a lot more than your basic yoga class. Shoot The Moon Yoga Workshop presents an uplifting yoga and meditation practice that introduces you to a like minded community, while sampling local cannabis strains. The LA based workshop is lead by two lovely yogis, Ivette & Phoebe, two Anusara teachers and great friends.

The first session I attended this year was utterly mind blowing, my body felt great, but so did my heart, it was one of my happiest nights. I left the private loft with a glowing aura of love & positive energy. And after not practicing yoga for over a year, walking into my first workshop was a little scary, but I  instantly relaxed into the Mary Jane style practice. You will too. 😉 Being the note taker I am, below are the notes and words that stuck out for me during the evening and each individual practice. Phoebe lead us in the first of two 45-minute sessions.

Phoebe’s practice – OK, notice a moment of the journey. She kept reminding us of how ‘destination’ driven we all are as human beings. I loved that we were taking the time to slow down and recognize how fast we all go. Phoebe went on to guide us through poses, slowly and deliberately. The Anusara style held us in one pose longer, allowing us time to free the mind. She asked us to tune into a portion of the music or an element of the room, not on the next pose. “You don’t know how long I’ll hold you in this pose so be comfortable with the journey.” Finding comfort in the unknown and sometimes the uncomfortable, I felt inspired. Phoebe brilliantly brought to light the overlooked parts, the moments we need to pay more attention to, our journey in this world.

Smoke Break: After the first practice ends Ivette reminds all the students to indulge in the samplings from Bloom Field Flower Company. Three strains were on display, including an Indica, Hybrid, & Sativa. There was no pressure to consume, but everyone loved the offerings.

Ivette’s Practice – She actively demanded that we stay presently in the moment. Her energy was powerful, I’ve never experienced anything like that before and I loved it. The intensity Ivette brought to her practice echoed through the room, energizing the experience. Her theme genuinely touched my soul, when she declared, ‘We all have a heart & we all have breath.’ The focus or intention of Ivette’s practice honed in on the two things we all have in common, not skin color, or if you smoke pot or not, but our hearts & our breath. I felt so safe in the space created inside the artsy yoga loft, the evening was more than a class, it was a night of bonding and bending and loving our bodies.

The next workshop is on December 30th, with an option to wake, bake, & stretch at 10 am or join the night owls at 6 pm. Everyone goes home with a goodie bag  & delicious food is always served. I recommend attending with an open heart & mind, be ready to mingle &  you will feel as new as 2018!

Purchase tickets to the upcoming workshop right now!

The Weed Writer

Holiday Giving

This year I’ve decide to stop stressing over the ‘right gift’, instead I’m focusing on giving love this holiday season.  I get it, everyone enjoys a present now and again, but why do we need to spend so much money and energy, when we could be giving experiences, or gifts that specifically enhance what we love most.  I’m making personalized batches of cookies for my friends and family this year, maybe with a little herb butter, we’ll see. I’ve had requests for vegan chocolate chip and sugar cookies so far, I’m excited to bake (while baked) and give love via Christmas cookies.

However, for those of you who enjoy giving ‘the perfect gift,’ here are my top 3 choices, guaranteed to bring joy to anyone who enjoys smoking herb, yoga, or relaxing, so almost everyone, right?

1. Shoot The Moon Yoga Workshop: An Elevated Experience

Yogi pro, or novice, you’ll enjoy this stoney yoga session. Lead by two leading ladies, Ivette & Phoebe, experience yoga while sampling boutique cannabis from BloomField Co. With the next session just after Christmas, on December 30th, it’s the perfect occasion for unwinding after family time. Consume or don’t, everyone is welcome. Tickets are affordable and everyone in attendance gets a dank goodie bag. Tickets here.

2. CannaGold Infused Bath Bombs 

THC infused bath bombs make a stellar gift, ranging in THC content each bath bomb features essential oils and herbs that help you relax.  My favorite is Sweet Dreams, with 500 mg of THC, I felt deeply relaxed after my luxury CannaGold bath. Best night sleep ever and my skin feels amazing! 

3. Just The Greens Ash Tray
The ultimate ash tray for your bowl piece. Often mistaken as art, these hand made pieces beautifully ash your glass for the next use. Catching all your ash in one convenient spot, until you’re ready to dispose of it. I love mine, it makes the experience of smoking easier and cleaner.

I encourage everyone to find little ways to give more love this holiday season.  Holding a door, buying the person behind you a coffee, or stuffing a stocking with an infused bath bomb, it’s all up to you, just do it with love.

Happy Holidays!
The Weed Writer